Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Redbuds and Note Cards

We have a redbud tree outside our guest bedroom window.  
It was truly spectacular this year;  the most beautiful I've ever seen it.

Redbud In Bloom Photo by Tori Beveridge AHWT

I use the room as a craft/paint studio and this was inspiring to look out upon.

I took a couple of close ups.

Redbud Photo by Tori Beveridge AHWT

I can see myself sending this as a card to someone with a little note inside.

I spied this little sprig of buds shooting forth from the trunk and had to shoot it.

Redbud Sprig Photo by Tori Beveridge AHWT

I love the contrast of textures and colors.

In keeping with this spring flower theme, I am borrowing an apple blossom photo from last week's WW post, as my final note card, because I like the quote I used on it.

Apple Blossom Motivational Quote Photo Art by Tori Beveridge 2013
It says:  "What if you have seen it before, ten thousand times over?  An apple tree in full blossom is like a message, sent fresh from heaven to earth, of purity and beauty."  ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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  1. The redbud is a gorgeous choice for note cards and I like the quote you shared.

  2. Oh how lovely that redbud tree is! Excellent use of different perspectives to capture it as well. Something about this cold, crazy spring seems to have made the flowering shrubs and trees very happy.

    Love that final quote, too. An extra fine touch.

  3. So pretty! I love these trees!


  4. Great photos of a beautiful tree! Perfect for note cards!


  5. Your redbud tree is gorgeous. I don't think I'd get anything done if I could see it from my window -- I'd be staring at it all day! The Beecher quote is perfect.

  6. Beautiful buds! Very nice...

  7. Oh, I love the quote on the last card. And redbuds are so beautiful in the Spring. We've seen them growing wild in the woods in WV when we traveled there in the Spring.

  8. I adore redbud trees! Your photos are just beautiful and they should definitely be made into note cards! Nice quote, too.

  9. What a gorgeous tree, terrific shots!

  10. The tree is gorgeous! We don't have one, but I can see our neighbor's tree when it buds through my pine trees. I didn't know what they were called. A logical name, obviously!

  11. Thanks for sharing the red buds..they remind me of home. Those were the first trees we planted in our first home. Beautiful.

  12. Beautiful photos! Such gorgeous spring colour. These would be wonderful notecards. Pamela