Friday, August 10, 2012

The Bliss of A Cooler Day and Other Things

My Little Bliss List (Remembering the things that made me happy this week, because it's so easy to forget them.)

It rained!  We had a wonderful day of rain on Wednesday, and we needed it.  It washed away the humidity and has brought twenty degree cooler temperatures.. it only got up to 84 today!  I never thought that I would say that was cool, but it is.

Today brought blue skies and big white fluffy clouds and cool breezes. I had the windows and doors open from early morning to about two in the afternoon, letting the breeze blow through and freshening everything after being closed up tight for air conditioning.  It was wonderful.

A Perfect August Sky

I'm happy that it has been so hot though, because our chicks were able to move outside, last weekend, at three weeks of age.   They were ready for it and because chicks like it warm, they are comfortable outside, in their mulberry tree shaded spot.  They come running to meet me when ever I go out to check on them.  Sometimes I go with a treat for them and I think they were wondering where it was when I snapped this.  Can you guess which one is the rooster?

Where's The Treats?

I've had a wonderful time with art this past week.  I am participating in Jenny and Aaron of Every Day is A Holiday's Art Journaling Class.  The first class was this week and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and making my art journal pages.

She Wore A Hat Art Journal Pages

If you want to know more about the classes (there's still time to join in the fun) and how I made my pages, hop on over to my art blog for the whole story.

Now, maybe you would like to get a cup of tea and a cookie or two and get comfortable for this last little blissful thing that I will leave you with.  I was looking at a little video on YouTube and I looked to the side and spotted this wonderful treasure.... The Secret Garden, 1949 (full length version ) starring Margaret O'Brien.  I've seen this version and probably every other version of this story, because it's one of my favorite books.  The movie is an hour and a half long, but you have the luxury of hitting the pause button if you need to.  Enjoy!

What made you happy this week?  Share your bliss.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - What I've Been Up To

Our new chicks are getting their own special area to the west, behind the house, complete with mulberry tress, which I'm sure they'll enjoy come next spring.  I'll have a good view of it from the kitchen window.

The chickens area is an area that was completely overgrown with brush and blackberries.  Guess what we've been doing for the last week...

Before and After Brush Clearing of Chicken Pasture Area
Armed with machetes, an axe, rakes, pruning shears, a pruning saw, Mr. B. and I have it mostly cleared.  There are still a few stumps left, but their numbers are dwindling every day.

Otis had to check out the newly cleared area.

It's fenced on three sides.  We'll add the front fence and gate, after we've finished building their run, or as I call it their "safe house".  The run will enclose the coop and be their safe area and protection from predators at night, and for when we aren't at home during the day.  I really want them to free range, so I don't expect them to spend a great deal of time in it.

The coop is built, but not in position yet.  We'll move it when all the stumps are out.

Our Chicken Coop
Who knew that eight little chicks could cause so much work!

The chicks are growing like crazy and because it's been so hot, they've been coming outside with us since they were a week and a half old.  They enjoy scratching around and catching bugs while we work.

The chicks first day out.  They grew so fast and now they're twice the size they were here, just a week ago!
We use our smallest dog crate as their home base, using cardboard to shelter them if it gets breezy or the sun is too hot.  They stay in it most of the time, making short little runs out and back occasionally.  As you can see we don't have grass left because of the heat.  There's even less green this week.

When we take a break from working, we sit down with them and they run over for a little handful of oats.

Chick Picnic.  The pretty little star of this photo is one of our Speckled Sussex chicks, Henny Penny.  Ringo , our Plymouth Rock rooster is sitting on Mr. B.'s hand.
Lacey, our one Silver Lace Wyandotte chick
I'll keep you posted with our progress on the run and of course I'll have more pics of the reason for all the work.

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