Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time To Market Fresh Eggs

Love and eggs are best when they are fresh.  Russian Proverb

I love our fresh eggs.  With our sweet girls laying six to seven eggs a day, the time has come when we can no longer keep up our consumption with their production.  One can only eat so many eggs per day or bake so many cakes, popovers, cookies, custards and quiches.  Our freezer is filling up with baked goods.

The eggs our hens produce are as delicious as they are beautiful and should be enjoyed fresh.  We give eggs to our closest neighbors, as they have to put up with our girls, and, more importantly, our rooster wandering over to their property to snack.  We still have more eggs than we can use.  The time has come for our hens to earn their keep.  We've decided to sell our eggs.

We are not the only people with chickens out here, or the only people selling eggs.   We are in the middle of nowhere and not on a major road, so simply putting out a sign won't work.  Word of mouth will happen, but first people have to know that our eggs are for sale.  

Fresh eggs business card montage 1 by Tori Beveridge AHWT

Flyers wouldn't work, because, let's face it, flyers often get overlooked and trashed.  I decided on a "business card".  I wanted something that would catch people's attention and make them think twice before throwing the card out.  A card that people might even hang on their fridge or bulletin board.

Fresh eggs business card montage 2 by Tori Beveridge AHWT

I worked in Paint Shop Pro (I could have used Photo Shop but happened to open PSP first) to make a standard sized business card.  A lovely vintage chicken image from Graphics Fairy and a few fonts were all that I needed.  I printed ten at a time on to white card stock.

Fresh Eggs Business Cards Tori Beveridge AHWT

Plain white business cards wouldn't get noticed and might easily get lost, so I glued the business cards on to green and orange tags which I had snatched up from Pick Your Plum a couple of months ago.  I think the ribbon finishes them off perfectly.  You'd notice these in your mail box wouldn't you?

An egg is always an adventure: the next one may be different.  Oscar Wilde

I did run into a slight problem.  I don't have a paper cutter.  I need a paper cutter!  My cutting was a bit wonky and the more I tried to fix it, the wonkier it got!

My solution was to add a border.  It made it so much easier to cut the cards out.

Fresh Eggs Business Cards Tori Beveridge AHWT
They do look cute with the border.

Tomorrow's walk with the dogs will have lots of stops along the way as I deliver these to the mail boxes we pass.

I am linking to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  This week's theme is Wise Words.  I used her Daisy and Printed textures in the photos above.