Friday, August 1, 2014

Petunias vs Chickens

Our chickens free range most of the time.  They love their free time and run to the gate when they see me coming in the mornings to let them out.

Contrary to popular belief, or maybe just because they are contrary, our chickens avoid the gardens, pastures and fields and stick to the tree line and the brush.  I guess the instincts of their jungle fowl ancestors run strong.

They also love to forage around the house, especially the front of the house.  A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of Ringo on Facebook, to explain why this flower pot had not yet been planted.

Shortly after I took this, I decided that no rooster was going to stop me from growing flowers in this pot.  After all, I had grown flowers in it last year.  I bought and planted a few petunia plants.

This is what they look like today.

Note that only one side of the planter remains planted.  The chickens decided that only one side of the pot should actually have plants.  I do not agree with the artistry of their design.

Not only does Ringo still jump up in there, but since I planted, the girls like to get in there and scratch up and throw the plants out.  Depending on how quickly I find the uprooted plants they are replanted or tossed in the compost.  This past week, they have left the remaining plants alone, so either I'm winning the petunia war or, they're simply waiting and biding their time, planning a sneak petunia attack when I'm not looking.

This hanging planter was planted the same day as the other pot.

Now this is what the other petunia pot should look like!

Happy and Cheerful!

Have a Happy Friday everyone and a lovely weekend.

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  1. Una hermosa entrada sobre las gallinitas y las plantas!!Me encantan

    Vivo en un pueblecitoo donde muchos de mis vecinos tienen sus gallinas,,sus huertos y venden sus huevos que no tienen nada que ver con los de los comercios..El sabor es riquisimo!!

    Gracias por compartir
    Con cariño Victtoria