Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Egg Diaries

We have eggs!  Lots and lots of eggs!

After a winter of very few eggs,  (only our Rhode Island Red laid regularly through those cold months...she was amazing) it's wonderful to see our girls laying again.  We have eight hens, which means we are gathering six to eight eggs a day.

I know we're not alone in gathering dozens of eggs a week and I know that there are many of you looking for ways to use up all those eggs, which lead me to my idea of keeping a diary/journal of how we are using our eggs.  

This won't be a daily report, because I have some other new adventures I want to share with you, but, I'll report in once or twice a week with a record of how we used our eggs.  There'll be recipes, menus, egg facts and trivia and, of course, photos of eggs and our girls.

I'm calling the posts, The Egg Diaries.

So if you are struggling to use your eggs, looking to find some recipes and ways to use eggs every single day, I hope you'll follow along with me and The Egg Diaries.

First installment:

The Egg Diaries

Tuesday April 15th, 2014

We have just over six dozen eggs.  Time to give some to the neighbors. (I'll have to see who would like some)

12 Eggs:  The oldest dozen were Hard Boiled to be used through the week in salads, sandwiches, snacks and treats for the dogs.

2 Eggs:  Breakfast:  Home made Buttermilk Pancakes with syrup, bacon and a bowl of cut up cantaloupe

Lunch:  4 of the Hard Boiled Eggs used for egg salad sandwiches, made with whole wheat bread and romaine lettuce.  Served with apples and milk. 

4 Eggs:  Dinner Plan:  Chuck roast with potatoes, onions, carrots and green beans and Popovers

Dogs:  2 of the Hard Boiled Eggs were chopped into their dinner, 1 egg each.

12 Eggs used in total.  * 6 Hard Boiled Eggs left

Edit:  I had underlined what I had used the eggs in and the underlines were being confused with links, so I've removed them.  I will be including recipes at a later date and there will be a Popover recipe, seeing as this is the second time I've mentioned them in a post and not given you a recipe.  Stay tuned. 


  1. Everything sounds really good to me! Add a quiche, that will use up six more eggs.

    1. Thanks! That quiche has to wait for another day.. we just can't eat that much. lol There's leftovers as there is! There will be quiche another day. ;-)

  2. Love this Huney. Just a quick question. Are the popovers and homemade pancakes supposed to have live links leading to a recipe because if so they aren't working. I clicked the popovers to see what that was and it didn't do anything so checked the other underlined one and that's the same. Just a heads up just incase but if its not the case I will shush lol!! But will ask what are popovers lol x hugs Lou

    1. Hi Lou. No links.. sorry for the confusion. I was underlining where I used the eggs, but I can now see that can cause some confusion lol.. I think I'll edit out the underlining.
      Popovers are much the same as Yorkshire Pudding, except you don't preheat the pan and use pan drippings or lots of oil in the pan. They're great with honey or jam as well as meat and gravy. I will post the recipe soon, as I've had some other people ask me about them too. *hugs*