Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Planning My "Everlasting" Garden

There are no spring flowers here...yet.

I tentatively slipped and slided out to feed the chickens this morning.  Yesterday's thaw froze overnight into a vast ice rink.  It will thaw again today, but snow is forecast for tomorrow.  I can take comfort in knowing that it is March and the snow won't last long and the ice rink will become smaller and smaller each day.

Until the weather warms, the ice melts and the spring flowers bloom, I am enjoying the flowers that I dried last summer.

A rose, baby's breath, and purple statice bouquet has graced one of the bathrooms the past few months.

Dried Flower Bouquet Photo by Tori Beveridge AHWT

A small spray of lavender was twist tied to a kitchen cabinet.

Dried Lavender Spray Photo by Tori Beveridge AHWT

Soon they'll be sent to the compost pile and will be replaced with fresh cut flowers and herbs from the garden.

Today, I plan this year's "Everlasting" Garden.  Everlasting flowers are flowers which dry well.  They hold their colors and shape beautifully when turned into everlasting bouquets, which will last me through the next winter.

Roses, hydrangea, peonies, larkspur, statice in a rainbow of shades, strawflowers, cockscomb celosia, sunflowers, lavender, bergamot, baby's breath, chinese lanterns, globe amaranth, love in a mist and yarrow. 

Enjoy The Little Things Photo by Tori Beveridge AHWT

 All beautiful while in the garden.  All beautiful dried.

I used the following textures:
On the Lavender Spray:  Partings
On the two Dried Flower Bouquet Photos:  0703 from the Times 2 Collection
My apologies for not having any from "above" shots.

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  1. I really like the lavender with the lavender background. Beautiful.