Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

From the moment I first saw and pinned this recipe, I knew it would be one of the first I of the recipes on my Pinterest Delicious Board that I tried.

The Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast recipe is originally from Artsy Fartsy Mama.  She includes step by step instructions and photos.  It's really easy to put together and looks like you really fussed over it.  Your friends and family will be impressed.

Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
I made it following her instructions, with the following exceptions:   I used garlic powder instead of salt and four slices of steak seasoned, thick sliced bacon instead of six slices of bacon and omitted the seasoning salt.

It was delicious!  The combination of the cream cheese and the bacon was just a little too rich for Mr B's and my tastes though.  Next time we're going to leave out the cream cheese and instead add a little barbecue sauce to the grated cheddar cheese, along with some finely chopped onion, then wrap in the bacon.. yum!  

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