Monday, December 17, 2012

Eggs-iting News

"To get eggs there must be some cackling."  Dutch Proverb

There was cackling in our chicken coop today!

Two of our girls laid eggs... our first eggs ever!

How exciting!  Our first two eggs.
Our chickens are 5 months old and I hadn't expected them to begin laying until they were older because of the season and the shortened daylight, so it was a very happy surprise.  I don't know which of the seven did the laying, but I'm hoping they will lead the others along by example and  we'll have fresh eggs every day.  Won't that be wonderful?

More "egg-siting" news...  My post The Rooster Crows has been highlighted by Dolly of Hibiscus House' Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop.  Thank you Dolly. *mwah*  I'm so honored to be among the features.  Wander over and have a look, there's some wonderful bloggers featured and linked up and of course, you can browse through Dolly's Hibiscus House.

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  1. Congrats! It seems like a lot of fun to have pet chickens that lay eggs for you.