Friday, June 1, 2012

Bliss-Morning Walks & Emergency Mood Kits

My Little Bliss List (Remembering the things that made me happy this week, because it's so easy to forget them)

June 1st!  I think I lost a day or two in May because I really expected it to still be May today.  I think the weather here was feeling the same, because this morning it was in the 40s when I woke up.  Perfect walking weather.

I truly enjoy my morning walks.  They are the biggest part of my bliss every day.  My best thinking, problem solving, inspiration and relaxation comes from them.  I'm very happy I get to share a small part of them with you.

We saw these Canada Geese landing in the lily pad filled water.  Can you guess what those white things are on the right side of the picture?

Canada Geese landing

If you guessed swans, you're right!  What a blissful surprise.


They are so beautiful.  I'll try to get closer shots another time.  There were some close to the shore, but they swam away because the dogs were being very enthusiastic about seeing them.

Here's a closer look at the water lilies.

Water Lilies

The week was filled with ordinary moments, doing ordinary routine things.  Making good food to eat and enjoy, scratching behind a furry ear, polishing a mirror, all sorts of little things.  Little things, but happy things.

I was offered a very large art commission, which made me very happy.  I am going to turn it down, however, which also makes me happy.  It would involve working in mediums which I am not comfortable working in.  With the extra work involved it really does not make it worth the money they are offering.  Saying no to something like this is good for me and it does bring me bliss.

I subscribe to Mary Jane's Farm magazine.  In the latest issue, (June/July 2012) there is an article on the last page written by Rebekah Teal.  In it she says, "Here's the thing... I've always known that I need to teach my daughter how to make beds, brownies, a home, and a living.  Now I know I also need to give her lessons in how to make happiness."  How true!

Rebekah had a fabulous idea and that was to create Emergency Mood Kits, for those times we all have when we are stuck in a bad or sad mood also know as being in the doldrums.  She and her daughter sat down and made Emergency Mood Kits together.

Rebekah's instructions, as interpreted by me, for making an Emergency Mood Kit are as follows:

How To Make An Emergency Mood Kit

  • Start with a shoe box and decorate it with wrapping paper, stickers, bows, turn it into altered art if you like.  I personally didn't have a shoe box, so I used a gift box that I had saved.. it's not however big enough so I will be on the hunt for a bigger box to decorate and use.
  • Collect seven things that make you feel cheery, relaxed, uplifted or comforted to put in the box(the kit).  Examples are, bubble bath, a favorite cheerful, feel good book or movie, or both, a music CD, jelly beans (they're cheerful and colorful), chocolate, etc..
  • Add in a little notebook and a pen.
  • Write 10 things you love about your life on colored strips of paper, one per strip, numbering the strips and put them in a decorated envelope.... more fun with stickers and bows and things.. get creative.
  • Make a favorite quotes booklet to add to the kit.  Write them on cards, punch a hole in the upper left corner and tie together with pretty ribbon.
  • Put everything into the box and your Emergency Mood Kit is ready if (when) the doldrums hit. 

Making an Emergency Mood Kit

I hope you have some blissful moments with a loved one making a kit and hope that the doldrums will be chased away quickly if you need to use it.

What made you happy this week?  Share your blissful moments.

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  1. Hi,
    What a cool idea, never heard of Emergency Mood Kit, but I'll definitely give it a shot!
    Cheers from France.

    1. Neither had I, Sabrina, but it is a good idea. Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

  2. OMG what a great idea for when the sads creep into my world. Thanks to you!

    1. You're welcome. I loved the idea too. :-)

  3. What a great post! Love your photos! And that emergency kit is a good idea!!

  4. What beautiful pictures! Great list.