Friday, June 8, 2012

My Little Bliss List

My Little Bliss List (Remembering the things that made me happy this week, because it's so easy to forget them.)

Listening to the dogs and cats snore.  Yes, really.  It makes me smile.

Knowing that Mr. B. is on leave now for two months!  Count them, two months!  Finally he's able to take all the leave he's been accumulating.. I think he'll still have some left over, he has so much.

Our chicken coop has been delivered!  It's on Mr. B.'s list of things to do, so will be built soon.  I'll post pictures.

Morning walks are always blissful.  At the boat launch, we saw these geese marching in line, with the one in front honking the way.

Canada geese marching in line photo by Tori Beveridge
Geese Marching in Line, photo by Tori Beveridge 

Our nephew, was given an award at school for handing in ALL his assignments this year on time.  Way to go Matt!  I know it made him happy to be recognized for all his hard work.  It makes me and Mr. B. happy too.

I'm a stalker!  I've been stalking a red headed woodpecker, trying to get pictures of him.  He likes to breakfast, lunch and dinner on our old security light pole.  Every time I see him, and try to get a picture of him, he flies away.  I'm determined to get at least one picture and I'll sure have fun trying.  You'll know when I get it, because it will certainly be in my Bliss List.  Why is this in my list?  You'd think it would be frustrating, but it's become a challenge.  I hear Woody Woodpecker laughing in my head every time he flies off. (hahahaha hahahaha hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)  The whole situation has become very cartoon like, and it makes me "lol".

Lastly... The berries are coming!  The berries are coming!

Blackberries Photo by Tori Beveridge
Blackberries Photo by Tori Beveridge

Blackberries Close Photo by Tori Beveridge
I don't see any caterpillars.. 

I have fond memories of spending time at my grandparents and walking along the river to a berry patch, dodging the red wing blackbirds as they swooped at me and my sister when we passed near their nest.  We'd watch for otters along the river for awhile and then pick berries, eating as many as we took back.  We'd rinse them and then sprinkle sugar on them and wait for any teeny tiny green caterpillars to crawl out.  There were always a few and I'd wonder how many we'd eaten while picking.  (extra protein our Gramps would say)  We would all enjoy the berries as a simple dessert with milk poured over them.

I think I see berries and milk in my future.

Share your bliss.  What made you happy this week?

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  1. I love berries - how delicious they look. I also chuckle when I hear my cat snore.

    1. hehe There is something about their little cute snores, isn't there?

  2. My berries also!!! I did a blog post on the Mulberries here. xoxo Terah From Farmchick.

    1. Our mulberries are still green. I'll have to check them in a few days.

  3. I love your photos of the geese. That's been a theme of mine this year as I live in a new place and the geese are everywhere. They've had tons of babies this spring and I've really enjoyed watching them grow.