Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Note Card Party

Once a month, A Haven for Vee, has a Note Card Party.

What is a Note Card Party?  You pick four photos that you have posted on your blog, that you think would make lovely note cards and post them in one post and link up on her page.

A lovely idea!

My theme on this last day of spring, is flowers.  Here is a look back at flowers that bloomed here this spring.

Iris, Photo by Tori Beveridge

3 Day Lilies, Photo by Tori Beveridge

Peach Blossoms, Photo by Tori Beveridge

Blue Hydrangeas, Photo by Tori Beveridge

Visit A Haven For Vee's Note Card Party to see all the lovely photographs chosen by others to be Note Cards, and maybe join in the fun yourself!

A Haven for Vee


  1. How lovely. Especially love the peach blossom~ Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Lovely!

    The hydrangeas are my favorite!


  3. Oh these are all have a very good eye. My favorite is of the daylilies just because of their long, slender stems against the white fence. I have known and loved such a fence...

    Thanks for joining in! Hope that you're having fun visiting and I hope that you have a lot of gals visit and comment here as well.

  4. i love flowers. my fav would be the iris. just gorgeous!! (:

  5. Hi Tori, Your flowers are lovely. I really like the lonely look of the 3 daylilies against the wooden fence!

  6. Fun pics! I love the green background with your iris and the peach blossoms are very pretty:@)

  7. Such pretty photos!
    Irises are my hubby's favourite flower.
    I like your 3 day-lilies against the white fence.
    So simple and very lovely!!
    Have a great day..Trish

  8. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. I especially like the lilies against the white fence ~ very artistic.

  9. The flowers against the fence are lonely...and of course, peach blossoms!!

  10. Beautiful images - I think my favourite is the hydrangea. These would make great note cards.

  11. I loved your botanical selections for Vee's party. The iris knocked my socks off! :D :D

  12. A beautiful collection of note card pic's...including my favorite hydrangea!